09 November 2009


Our last full day in Tonga began at 3:15am with our wake up call. By 4am we were loading our bags and then ourselves on the flatbed truck and heading toward the wharf in Eua. By 4:30am we had boarded a small boat full of cargo and more passengers than seats. The locals were kind enough to let us sit in the seats while they lined the floors, ledges and outer decks. Most slept during our 3 hr ride to Tongatapu. Unfortunately the pacific was extremely choppy this day and us palangis (Tongan word for white people) were quite sea sick. I was so sea sick that i couldn't enjoy watching the sunrise. At 8am we docked in Tongatapu and began our walk into town.

The red boat in the left hand corner is our transport from Eua to Tongatapu.
The following photos are of a few signs i found interesting in Nukualofa.

Malo e Lelei is Tongan for Hello. I love the way the phrase just rolls off your tongue.

There is a sign hanging from this tree which says Rainforest Square.

I was quite happy to see a Chinese take out!

After a big breakfast at Friend's Cafe, we booked a short motoboat ride to a nearby island, Pangaimotu. Here we spent our last day basking in the sun.

Here is a shot of the yachts off the coast of Pangaimotu.

I found a comfortable hammock to spend a few minutes!

I found a rope swing!

No vehicles need or allowed on the island, yet there are plenty of tires around.

It only took Laura and I 30 minutes or so to walk around the entire island. During our trek we came across heaps of starfish of all sizes and schools of fish kept tickling our ankles.

It was a wonderful day in a beautiful place!

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