07 November 2009


Happy with the success of our tour of Tongatapu, we signed up for a tour of Eua.

This is an indigenous parrot found only on Eua. They are generally heard and not seen in the wild. But this one has been domesticated as a pet.

This stream is the fresh water supply for the Island.

Laura and I taking a break and watching the other people in our group climb around.

Laura, Chris and I

During our trek through the rainforest, this is what the path looked like. Can you tell where the road is?

this is the only street sign i spotted.

As you can see, you really had to look for it among the brush.

This is the road. We did travel down this road but we didn't get too far.

We spent 2.5hrs stuck in the mud. Us gals found a nice spot in the bush to sit and wait it out. Eventually they arranged for another truck to pick us up so we could finish the tour.

We found a lookout! Below is the rainforest, then the beach and coral reef surrounding the island.

Next, Laura and I followed our guide down a small cave to see a great view!

the view-always breathtaking.

Here is a photo of our truck and Laura and Mosi enjoying a dinner time snack.

Here is the view.

The view again.

This is a neat plant. When you touch the leaves they close up like a venus fly trap!

We hiked through the banyan forest to see another view.

Here is the arch.

Here is our tour guide Sifa and Laura having a bit of fun.

Laura and I and the Arch

We made it to the beach during sunset. Lovely!

Last but not least, we walked among the banyan tree.

With that we drove off into the sunset and back to the Hideaway.

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